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So; who am I? If I’m honest; I'm still working on that; but you can still enjoy my photos, travel vlogs and blogs.


Just so we are clear! I am not a writer! This website / blog is something new to me; so I am dipping my toe into the water. I am doing this because of my enjoyments in life which is travel. Be it an overnighter or 30 days plus at a time. Also; photography. I don’t have a Standard shot or theme; (which might upset the purist amongst you). I am an amateur at this too!


Over the years I have been to many locations around the world. My recordings of these excursions has been woeful if I’m honest. My photos’ exist only on a hard drive somewhere; so its time to do something about it.


The term ‘The Cowboy Camper’ is just to indicate the (hopefully) free nature of my experiences. Its not all about hotels and 5 star luxury. My plan is to go, record and comment. Travel by land, air and sea (above and below). Sleep wherever; and experience a wide range of locations and Lifestyle. I might even delve into past exploits.


Lets see?! My first experiences of travel was as 6 year old. A trip to the Caribbean no less! Whilst I had no choice about where I was going or how I was getting there. I was mesmerised by the journey. As a school boy my journeys consisted of manly coach trips that seemed to take all day to distant seaside resorts that were packed with people. Now don’t get me wrong! I am not about to go kill crazy about the dreariness of our national treasures: the Blackpools’, Westerns’, Morcombes’ and the like. Our shores have so much to offer, as I have come to learn over time.

My first trip on a Train blew my mind! The different landscapes, colours, sights and sounds; and; that made me think. Travel for me is not just about what you do at the location. Its about the journey. Usually starting with an initial idea. Where am I going? How will I get there? where will I stay? And what will I eat?

So I will try and show you………….


In reality I believe we spend far too long dreaming of golden sands and mojitos. The chocolates on pillows and turn down services are all well and good. There is something about sleeping rough, under canvas, stealth camping, vanlife or Y.H.A that shares the same appeal. (trust me; I’ve done them all!) what I’m trying to say is that holidays take different forms; and the world consists of places that include the country you live in. Don’t forget that! Get out there and enjoy where you live also. You can't call yourself a traveller without having explored your own country. If I haven’t already bored you by now, stick around. You might enjoy it!………..


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