What can I say about this superb Archipelico?! I spent 48 hrs on the island of saint Mary's. I knew after just ten minutes here........ I should have planned to stay longer!......... Im just going to have to go back!

Penzance Harbour
Early crossing.You can't drive to Scilly and so you have to get on the ferry as a foot passenger. Park at the harbour to drop off your bags only.
Motley crew
Some undesirables at the quay just waiting to do a bit of plundering
Next stop........
looking out over the harbour wall. next stop Scilly!
Time for reflection
This was too good to miss. An attempt at a a reflection shot.
The Scillonian
Its either swim, fly or sail to Scilly. I choose sail. I was warned that the crossing is the stuff of legends when the sea is rough. thankfully all plain sailing this time.
Picture postcard
Warm summer day. This is the first greeting you get when you leave the boat.
Peek over the wall
at the top of the Hill across the bay is the Star Castle hotel. Behind it is the Garrison camp sight where i would pitch up for the next 48hrs
View from the Battlements
Looking back towards Hugh town from the Canon positions on the island.
Star Castle Hotel
So named because of its shape. A great refuge from the elements. The dungeon bar is a must too!
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One of many views to the sea. Not far from here is the Juliets Garden cafe / restaurant.great for an open sandwich!
Bant's Carn neolithic grave
C25th-C5th Bc. This neolithic / Bronze Age grave is one of a few pre history sites on the island of St Marys
Long rock standing stone
The Scilly islands have there share of standing stones. This one isn't far from the Pants Can grave, but it took a while to find!
Bath tub
No introduction needed! I just thought it would make a good black and white shot.
Porth Hellick Down
This one is stunning..... for a burial chamber! overlooking the south east portion of the island of St Mary's
Loaded camel rock
As the name suggests..........Surely you can see why........surely?!
A homage to all those boats that succumbed to the rocks around Scilly. Albeit this one is on land....and isn't a shipwreck!
St Mary's airport
perched at the top of a hill. I stumbled upon this after walking past a set of traffic lights on the right of way which were on green. You literally walk across the start of the runway leading to the airport. Be quick though as you don't know when the lights will change to red once you are here.
Old town bay
This is very close to a place entitled..... Nowhere!
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