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lets turn right this time!

If you remember?; In feb 2016 I took my prized possession on a whistle stop tour of Europe. My thoughts? Get off the ferry and turn left. I did 7 countries in very little time which was a great shake down of both my new van and myself, as I had never embarked on camper van life before. Both I might add came through with flying colours!

On reaching the 16month stage; 2017 saw me doing it all again; this time?…. turning right! I wanted a more leisurely time as I had become very acquainted with all things camper king.I have to say; the longer I have this van the easier it gets. Stopping in Northern France at Bayeux I saw the tapestry; before taking a trip to Mont saint Michel

Now my van is designed for those days at a site with all the comforts of pop top, awning and the like; however; my off grid self sufficient stance means I utilise these aspects very little when I'm in extended travel mood. The solar panels do their job; and have never failed to keep the leisure batteries in tip top; which; assists me to partake in my favourite aspect of van life……. stealth camping. Now looking at the beast it is far from inconspicuous; but up to now; I have had no problems on that front. Europe is designed for it.


My roving took me along the western french coast line before cutting inland for the border. Embarking on a new country! Andorra. With a stay in the pyrenees; it was here that owning a camper van began to make perfect sense. The scenery, the peace, the sun. This is what van life is all about.

Not wishing to waste any time I crossed that mountain range into Spain and sauntered through Barcelona (It was rude not to) along the Spanish coast line through the various towns and hamlets up to Gerona wild camping on the beaches.Life cant get any better!

I took a folding bike with me this time which fitted like a glove into the recess behind the drivers seat and cupboard. I have a long wheel base with a short wheelbase conversion courtesy of CK’s and it was a great shout. Spain coming to a close I sneaked back into France to drive over the worlds highest bridge (viaduct) at Millau; (Ive always wanted to do that)!

Bucket list item checked; it was a two day million mile it seemed slog back to Blighty. Now I didn't finish there! It is a British built camper and I decided I would continue my hols along the south coast of England. We have a great country and it requires exploring. I visited an old friend in the form of Stonehenge on my way to places such as the Lizard; and; had to stop when the jurassic coastline reached lands end.This time I completed 3126 miles and am an owner of 19months. The finish on the van is still crisp regardless of the winter jaunts and the build quality is still superb. Camper kings as I have eluded to in my last blog continue to treat me as a brand new customer even after all this time and still do not hesitate to answer my concerns, address any issues I might have or come to my aid when asked. After care gone mad! but really welcome. Without doubt the best purchase I ever made from the best camper builders I have come across. Bring on the next adventure!

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