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This page Is the video log. I can't promise you cinematography at its best. Just some honest footage; and just as honest editing. Enjoy.............

     TCC & RMT


 Motorcycling holiday with RMT (Redditch Motorcycle training). Sept 2017

Riding through Northern France. Taking in the sights of the Normandy landing beaches and the exquisite Northern French roads. Base camp is the eclectic Chateu  Le Mont Epinquet.

Corsica and Back

   Feb-Mar 2018


Road trip 2018!  An Epic 14 part series.( Feb-March).Travelling from the UK to Corsica. Around this fabulous island and then up and along the French Cote d Azur. From there; onwards through Northern Italy, into Switzerland for a brief stop at the Lake, and then; avoiding those pocket squeezing tolls into Belgium.

Here I stop off at the Menin gate. Quite fitting, this being the 100 anniversary year of the end of the Great War. To end the trip..... Back into Blighty for an end of winter treat in Cornwall and North Devon.

     Isles Of Scilly 

        Aug 2018


To end the summer of 2018 I embarked on a journey to the edge of the British isles. 48hrs in the Isles of Scilly. What a glorious place to be. A two part adventure where day 1 has a brief look at the world famous gig races. Day two is a circumnavigation of the island of st Mary's on foot. The place is that good. I have to return!


Apr 2018


This is my 10th Visit to Boston. I never get tired of this Place! The sounds, the smells and the scenery are; for me; magical! There is always something new for me to do here.This is a 3 part Vlog where I take you on a bit of a whistle stop around this glorious city. Kanes Donuts, and The Freedom trail are a few of the places that get a mention. See what you think.

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